Winter Time Fun @ the YMCA

January 22, 2013

While the temps in Grand Rapids are staying in the single digits, it was yesterday I was most happy to have purchased a membership at the local YMCA. While I bought it initially to take Gracie to ballet/tap dance lessons, we’ve both found that some added benefits to being at the Y.

She loves the playland/daycare they provide while I have actually begun to exercise on a regular basis. Sure, it’s only one workout a week, but it’s better than anything I’ve done in years. Plus, after dance class we like to hit the pool.

There was nothing finer than swimming in an 82 degree swimming pool while watching the blowing snow outside. For the record, it was 6 degrees out there yesterday.

The YMCA offers so much and it has been something Grace asks about every week. Quality DaddyDaughter time and side benefits… I love it. Maybe some official swim lessons are in her future. She’s taking to it more and more each time we go.

Grace's First Sled Rides


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