Flu Shot for the Future


The news has been talking a lot about influenza this year as a fairly nasty strain of the flu has hit most of the country. Vaccinations are being recommended for nearly anyone who can find a doctor’s office that still has any left. Rather than tell you the story of how Gracie bad mouthed a nurse for a good three days after receiving her shot when we went to the doctor (It was an amazingly speedy display of numerous emotions I strangely wished I’d videotaped), I’d rather remind you to give your daughter a “shot” every day to protect against an even bigger sickness.

The preventative medicine of “quality time” can keep your relationship with your daughter from suffering. Before you “catch a cold shoulder” from her because she doesn’t think she can talk to you, hold yourself to the promise you made to her when she was born. Invest in a daily dose of daddydaughtertime.

Apathy, even if it is unintentional, can act like a virus and infect what you might think is a healthy relationship. While I put spending time with Grace above most everything else in my life, I do realize we all have adult lives to lead. Just remember, a quick “shot” of time on those days when you are swamped with work, relationships, and life in general can be the tonic to keep the bond between you and your daughter out of the ICU.

Read one book. Sing one song. Make one milkshake. Whatever it is, do it daily. This is one prescription that comes with some spectacular side effects.


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