Friday Guest Blog: I’m A Morning Guy (Here’s Why)

This week, the Daddy Daughter Time Friday Blog comes from Chris Fleszar – Executive Producer at WZZM 13 and father of four daughters.

I’m a Morning Guy (Here’s Why…)

Admittedly I like sleeping in just like the next guy, but I love mornings.

Not because I LIKE getting out of bed, but because 2 days a week I have the opportunity to get my four girls up and ready for school.

It’s my favorite time of day, because they are asleep, innocently resting in their beds like when they were babies. This is my time to pause and appreciate them. Their beautiful skin, their soft uncombed hair, their slow, deep breaths.

As a father of four daughters, 5, 9, 11,14… life gets busy. It’s easy to get swept away making meals, cleaning up dishes, and breaking up fights. In the morning, before they wake, there is none of that.

I can just sit on the edge of their beds and appreciate how they are growing up. How well they are doing in school, how proud they make me feel.

It’s at these moments, I also realize I don’t take this time often enough. Sure, I tell them I love them all the time, but to pause and enjoy them, well it’s more rare than I like to admit.

That’s why I love mornings.

Chris F.

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