Friday Guest Blog: Stop With The Stoplight Foods Already

This week, the Daddy Daughter Time Friday Blog comes from Chris Fleszar – Executive Producer at WZZM 13 and father of four daughters. 


Potato chips, chocolate chip cookies, ice cream. Those are just some of my daughters’ favorite treats.
They’ve come to ask for one of them when they are at my house. Now, I believe in having a ‘treat.’ I will even say it’s okay for my kids to have one daily.

But here’s my theory: If you act as if it is no big deal’ then it will be, ‘no big deal.’

I think our problem, as parents, is we vilify food to the point we don’t teach our children how to eat snacks in moderation. I speak from experience.

When we were new parents the girls mom and I were quite strict with junk. We limited French fries, substituted yogurt for ranch dressing, and read books about Green light foods (veggies) Yellow light foods(cookies and such) and Red light foods (Potato Chips).

The book emphatically stated to ‘NEVER’ eat red light foods.

Looking back, I think to myself, “Really? Never?”  That is bad advice.

The daughter we were most strict with, is the one who struggles the most with snacking… sometimes hiding food from us. That was not our intent, of course, but I believe that was the result. She felt shamed into believing it was bad and that she had to sneak it. In reality, she needed to know it’s okay to have some treats, balanced with plenty of fruits and vegetables. Naturally, we wanted to do the best thing for her. Our intentions were good just a little misguided.

If I had to do it again, I would take the approach of moderation, not condemnation.

Chris F.

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