Creative Discipline

Great angle on discipline for those who have more than one daughter in the house.

Signature Moms

By: Sandra L. Churchill

Styles of correction and guidance are among the most debated challenges shared by moms and dads today. We’ve witnessed a shift from corporal punishment to more discussion-based discipline over the years, and we all seem to juggle what is right for each child and what is fitting for each situation.

One strategy we’ve used from the time our older two children were around age four or five is a “tattletale reversal.” When the inevitable bickering would begin over a coveted toy or some other child battle, one or the other would come running to us with “She did…” or “She said…” in the familiar chorus of complaints known to any parent with multiple children. Instead of engaging in endless re-constructs of who-did-what-to-whom, we opted to flip it. We asked the first “announcer” to stop right there and sit down with the offending child side by side…

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