Friday Guest Blog: Feminine Hygiene and The Monthly “Cloud”

This week, the Daddy Daughter Time Friday Blog comes from Kevin James.  Kevin is a native of West Michigan, a foundry worker, and father to three daughters.


So many things change with our children over the years – their likes and dislikes, emotions, personalities, bodies, and (like the Michigan weather) their moods.  I have personally found out that nothing can prepare you for a teenager with so many ups and downs in one day.

But raising a teenage daughter is also a lot of fun.  We have a very open and honest household.  We talk about anything and everything.  But that can bring me trouble.  I wish we didn’t talk about “the cycle”.

I found out about my daughter blossoming into a woman in a very unusual way.  I guess it happened at school on a Monday and she told Mom on Wednesday.  Mom came home and walked into the living room where I was on the couch and says to me “Guess what Alanna got?”  Confused I sat up and asked “What?”

Big mistake.

Mom threw a box of “woman stuff” in my lap and in disgust I yelled “Eww!” and knocked it off my lap.  That’s our open and honest household for you.

It doesn’t bother some guys but I’m not one of them.  They know it makes me uncomfortable.  Now the two of them make it a point to talk about it in front of me.  I even asked them to change the name of “the cycle” to something a little more pleasant like “I’m on ‘the cloud’ this week or “I need more ‘pillows’ when you go to the store.”   Nope that didn’t work.  And yes, the women’s devilish cycles do coordinate.  There’s no good way to explain the mood or tension in the house during that week.  Let’s just say it’s rough.

But Dads, don’t let the little stuff like this get you bent out of shape.  There will be plenty of things she may do to get under your skin.  Tell her you love her out of the blue.  Remind her that she is beautiful – even if she’s talking about things you might not find so pretty.  Buy her a flower and bring it home to her.  Boost your daughter’s self-esteem because the media and society will try to bring them down.  It’s our job to protect them and to shower them with love and wisdom.


More About Kevin.

Kevin is a thirty something father to three daughters, ages 8, 10, and 16.  He was born and raised in West Michigan, by his grandparents who instilled in him good old fashions ways.  Kevin is a foundry worker who likes to stay active hunting, fishing and playing sports.  Kevin and his wife try to raise their girls to be strong independent women – and as a father he encourages his daughters to try new things on a daily basis.

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