Daddy Gets a Nightlight

I still remember my nightlight from when I was a child.

It was small, round, opaque, and had a golden sun in the center of it. Like many things from my childhood, I’m pretty sure it was a hand me down.

Actually what I remember more was the way it shone just enough light on the two large unblinking eyes of my big green frog/monster piggy bank. Take a look at that thing and tell me it doesn’t want to come kill you once you fall asleep (lollipop or no lollipop).

Killer Frog Monster Bank

My daughter Grace has never requested a nightlight. But lately she had been talking about “bears and rats” in her room so I thought it might help.

Naturally she chose a pink Princess castle.

We plugged it in last week and as I was tucking her in, I couldn’t help but notice the shape of the light cast on the wall. I swear it looks like an evil owl monster. Take a look for yourself.

Killer Owl

Here’s hoping she won’t think so because she sure does love the thing.

And even though she picked it out and it’s in her room, I’m still going to refer to it as “my” nightlight (silently of course).


Because now I don’t have to find my iPhone and partially cover the flashlight app when I sneak in to check on her/watch her sleep/give her an extra kiss on the forehead. My new princess castle nightlight gives me just enough glow to get the job done.


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