Todd & Grace

Welcome to Daddy Daughter Time.

My name is Todd and I started this website/blog to give fathers a reliable and current resource of information on how they can strengthen a deeper relationship with their daughters. But at the very core of Daddy Daughter Time are two simple goals.

1. To remove all obstacles/excuses any Dad could have to spend time with his daughter or vice versa. That’s why I focus on events that are free or heavily discounted and designed for the Dad/Daughter duo.

2. To get Dads with daughters talking to each other about their girls. Helping men get over the stigma of ‘girl talk’ and helping each other in any way possible is something I think about… a lot.

If you’re interested in my motivation…

In January of 2012, I was faced with an unexpected divorce.  I felt such a loss as I thought all of the activities and future memories I had in store from my daughter Grace had been taken from me.  As time past and after securing 50/50 time with my daughter through litigation, I’ve been able to readjust to the new reality of not seeing my daughter on a daily basis.

But what I noticed while going through this process is the lack of information available for, or simply not aimed at, fathers. Even more glaring was the lack of networks with men in similar situations for me to reach out to. I’m hoping DaddyDaughterTime can in some small way alleviate that issue by providing a way for fathers to find information, tips, and events all while networking with other dads.

To be clear, this website is not limited to single fathers.  It is not limited to fathers with young daughters like me.  It is only limited in the fact that it is for fathers and daughters.  You’ll find information on the site from toddler to teenager, split family or whole.

While the blog is primarily dedicated to my personal thoughts and ruminations about  ‘daddydaughtertime’ with my beautiful daughter Grace, you’ll also catch some pretty cool guest bloggers sharing their “Dadvice” and experiences as well.  From the silly to the serious, you can find our episodes of our journey together on this blog.

I hope you enjoy and get a lot from the site.  Please don’t hesitate to tell me what you’d like to see or if you think something useful missing.  Thanks again.


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